Comfitech Lab

Established in 2012 as an Orthotics Production facility servicing the Podiatry Industry in Australia

Industry standard solutions

Its relationships with Industry-leading companies in CAD/CAM solutions; including AMFIT (USA) – Voxelcare (Spain) and STT Systems (Spain), the company provides CAD/CAM solutions to podiatrist enabling the design and manufacture of prescribed (custom) orthotics with seamless ease.

Designed by Podiatrist

Podiatrist worldwide are able to order custom milled orthotics and have them produced within 24hrs of receiving their design file.

Our wearables are designed for everyday use

Since 2015 the company launched its retail product division ComfiTech Wearables. This includes a product portfolio with over 50 Products targeting the support and management of lower limbs.

ComfiTech Wearables designs, manufactures and distributes foot wearable products, Lotions, balms, specialist devises all targeting the health and conditioning of lower limbs.
With a national distribution in Podiatry clinics, it is a leader in the specialist channel.