Lab Services

At ComfiTech labs we ensure that any orthotics prescription is designed using several leading software systems including AMFIT and Voxelcare.

Our Orthotics production is based on precise online design software. This design process is a powerful tool for any podiatrist to use and design bespoke orthotic devices from their clinic.

It is not locked into any scanning device or file type. Any scan file can be incorporated into the design process allowing for seamless milling or 3D printing.

Raw Material

Since 2012 we have worked with (EVA) ethylene-vinyl acetate and nylons.

EVA serves as the most conforming material in the production of foot orthotics.

Our ability to adjust densities and in turn deliver comfort has made EVA based orthotics globally the most popular for podiatrist and patients alike.

Our product diversity also includes acrylic/nylon 3D printed orthotics. The durability of nylons allow for effective customisation of streamline fine orthotic shells.

Although 3D printing is relatively new; at ComfiTech labs we are continuously testing and developing materials to further expand this technology.

Top Covers

In partnership with our Suppliers we have uncompromised quality through the use of some the world’s leading top cover solutions in:

Neosorb/Neoprene – excellent insulator of heat, shock absorption, waterproof, soft, flexible, stretchable material effectively absorbs sweat

Leather and Suede – Full hide non-synthetic leather and suede

Plastazote – Its unique cross-linked construction and non-toxicity have established Plastazote as standard for orthotic linings. It is readily washable, discourages bacteria growth and has good thermal properties. Used widely in Medical application areas: orthotics, prosthetic padding & protective equipment.

Cambrelle – Anti-slip lining used in ¾ devices

Lunasoft – Use as a midsole material for children’s orthotics is a high-quality skin-friendly top cover. Light, resilient, dimensionally stable, washable and hygienic thanks to its closed-cell structure.

Medical grade compressed Felt – Adhesive-backed felt that offers high levels of resilience and performance for optimum pressure absorption, this felt ensure that offloading is customisable.

Quick Production Turnaround

All orthotic orders are produced within 2 business days of receiving completed prescriptions.

Our cloud-based database allows you to track and manage your order online and in real-time.

Your choice of delivery includes:

  • Express Delivery Same Day – EVA Orthotics only, all orders in before 12 noon same day
  • Standard Delivery – 3-day Dispatch
  • 3D printed Orthotics – 5-day Dispatch
  • See delivery charges table
  • Express Same day Dispatch $12 Ex GST (Available on All EVA orders)
  • 3-day Dispatch $8 Ex GST (Available on all EVA orders)
  • 5-Day Dispatch $6 Ex GST (Available on All Orders and 3D printed orthotics)

Charges are irrespective of Volume.